Have you ever wanted to publish data for clients?

This DegoWP is a service that makes it easy to create a member page and publish data.


  • Content management
    • Multiple table information can be disclosed to users
    • The table can be linked with DegoWP itself or with our company DegoDB
    • Data of Kinton App can be read (limited to partial data)
    • Can publish files as well as text
  • Membership management
    • User ID management
    • Browse information management
      • You can check which information you viewed and when you viewed it
      • You can check the last login time

The client user can access the member page with its own ID / Password and browse the information.


TBD (assuming tens of thousands of yen per month. In case of using our DegoDB cloud it is included in the price)

Since it is currently under development, this information may be changed without notice.

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